GoLifeSurfing INC. provides several business coaching consulting services aimed to impact your bottom line results.

Research tells us that 90% of companies fail to execute their strategy effectively.

This is because 75% of projects fail outright!

50 to 60% show NO return on investment!

… and as much as 50% need massive reworking by the time they’re finished.

The primary reason for this is lack of effective leadership and this costs time and money as well as jeopardizing a company’s competitive advantage. If your customers don’t get what they want and when they want it, they will find that product or service somewhere else. Business coaching will identify specific areas of improvement and make you a better leader. Our free Business Coaching on-line leadership assessment is a great way to start. The assessment will show you where you rate yourself on your effectiveness as a leader, your leadership confidence and self-esteem, your work/life balance, your leadership skills, and other leadership areas.

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As entrepreneurs and business owners, your objective is to grow your business and make it more profitable. The reality is, when you work with a business coach to help you, you’re going to get there faster.

Our business-consulting services focus on three areas:

1. Successful Change Through Strategic Plan Development

Our business coaches will help you develop strategic plans, clarify your goals, and create dynamic action plans to ensure successful execution. This will grow your business and impact your bottom-line results.

2. Step-by-step Employee Coaching

Our business coaches will work with you or your employees to improve your productivity by using a step-by-step business coaching process.  The outcome is your personalized action plan is aimed for you to identify and seize your opportunities.

We provide services and training courses aimed help you increase your revenue as well as improving your productivity. These include:

  • Designing and leading changes with the least amount of disruption to your business
  • Designing your business to ensure you have the right people doing the right work to reduce inefficiencies and maximize effort
  • How to adapt to change and remain in control during times of uncertainty
  • Knowing the correct questions to ask during an interview to make sure you hire the right person
  • Increase sales, provide excellent customer service, and create better teamwork by knowing how to identify and work with different personality styles
  • Creating a succession plan to ensure you are grooming your internal talent for promotions into leadership roles
  • Knowing how to give corrective feedback to increase employee performance and morale
  • Identifying and improving conversations that involve high stakes, different options, or become emotional
  • Creating job descriptions and annual performance review plans
  • Blocking out interference to think clearly and make better decisions
  • Career changes
3. Project Control & Implementation

Lastly, our business coaches will teach you how to bring your projects under control and implement them before they show signs of stress and failure. This will preserve your time, money, & credibility.

Our business consulting and coaching services are an investment that will bring you a high return. If you would like to speak with us and find out what we could offer you and exactly how much our business services will cost you and your business, we offer a free 30-minute phone intake session.

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